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Taekwon-Do classes in Keith, Aberlour and Fochabers. Great for all ages, 7 and up. Learn a true martial art, build fitness, strength and flexibility.

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Tel: 07817727729

What is Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-Do is the Korean art of unarmed self-defence practiced by millions of people around the world. Its creator, General Choi Hong Hi, born in 1918, traveled the world giving instruction in his art well into his eighties. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit are the tenets that we teach and practice in our daily lives. Although it is a martial art, its discipline, technique and mental training are the mortar for building a strong sense of justice, fortitude, humility and resolve. It is this mental conditioning that separates the true practitioner from the sensationalist, content with mastering only the fighting aspects of the art. Taekwon-Do definitely enables the weak to possess a fine weapon together with a confidence to defend him or herself.

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Women in Taekwon-Do

Yes, Taekwon-Do is ideally suited to women. Great strength is not what is needed to defend oneself. It takes a combination of knowledge, technique and confidence, which is gained through constant training and practice. Application becomes a reflex action, which, when correctly applied to an opponent, can be an effective means of self-defence. It is a sad fact that today, far too many women are victims of a demoralised society. Taekwon-Do can give women the confidence they need to meet this threat head on, and not become the victim we so often hear about.

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Children in Taekwon-Do

Training in Taekwon-Do helps children to develop a sense of self-esteem and confidence in themselves. Classes are well disciplined and they are taught never to misuse the skills they learn. The physical training helps with coordination, suppleness and concentration. Adults in the school become good role models for the children and Taekwon-Do can become a positive direction in their lives. Some schools have special children’s classes.

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Health and Taekwon-Do

The study of Taekwon-Do offers several unique advantages to the physical fitness of the student. It is, in most cases, practiced alone, which means that since the body sets its own limits, injuries or strains are rare, and one's physical condition sets the pace automatically. The entire muscle system is brought into play, from fingers to toes. Taekwon-Do's high repetition, low resistance movements develop a longer, leaner and more flexible musculature. Such muscles have more of their areas close to the blood supply routes, thus producing maximum endurance and well-being.

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How effective is Taekwon-Do?

Our organisation has a specially designed syllabus of self defence techniques, proven to be effective. There are however, times when using these techniques are unnecessary or unwarranted. Therefore, the senior student is also taught a syllabus of self defence holds and releases that are designed to control and contain the opponent, not injure him or her. These techniques are designed for when movement is restricted, as in the situation of being grappled from behind, around the neck, or by the hair for example. and are an effective means of freeing oneself from a dangerous situation. They require little physical strength, and as such, are ideal for people who are outweighed by their opponent.

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What People Say

"Master Sean Cattanach kindly agreed to deliver a block of two free family taster sessions on behalf of Active Schools in Keith. The sessions were well attended by both children and adults. Not only was Sean was able to draw real enthusiasm from the group, he was also able to tap into some raw potential which will hopefully translate into an eagerness to join his regular club sessions. With a calm manner and amiable personality, Sean explained some of the fundamentals of Taekwondo in a way that a group of beginners could grasp well and begin to put into practice. I look forward to working with Sean again in the future."

Amanda Walker, Active Schools Coordinator, Keith

"2nd Keith Cubs had the great pleasure of an evening visit by Sean Cattanach from the Speyside School of Taekwondo. This caused great excitement and we all had fun learning a new sport with even the leaders joining in. A big thank you from us all at 2nd Keith Cubs. Your welcome back any time, thanks again."

Steven McCrae, 2nd Keith Cubs Leader

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Our instructors, Sean Cattanach and Julie McDonald are subject to enhanced disclosure, and trained in child protection and safeguarding by the British Taekwondo Council.


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